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It’s been a very successful year! And below you’ll see that we’ve knocked the cover clean off the ball. We’ve dedicated some of the best talent to build the future with only independents in mind. We strive to make this next year even better, seeking more success for you is our primary goal. The IBA research surveys you’ve completed over the year have given us the roadmap to your success. Below are just a few of the hits, we hope you enjoy!

  –  Ron Stone

For independent broadcasters seeking to strengthen their market leadership, Marketron delivers a game-changing approach that optimizes and generates new revenue streams, scales operations and delivers a comprehensive end-to-end experience.

As an IBA partner, Marketron has technology and resources available to help members grow and scale their organizations. View this on-demand webinar introducing these products and services to IBA members. You’ll also find out how other members are using their tools to grow and expand.



The IBA & Radio Ink have partnered to bring you a one-day Radio Sales Focus event in the Fall of 2023 for IBA members only. IBA Day will be followed by a two-day Radio Ink event. These two events are being offered to IBA members only. (Stay tuned for updated pricing for IBA Members Only). That’s right, you may attend both conferences! But wait, there’s more.  This price will include the IBA dinner event as well. 


The people you will hear from are the best in their field at what they do. Our event will send you home with plans that can make a difference in your operation, not just tease the possibilities.

We hope you will join us at the Radio Ink Sales Summit. (Location TBD).

Each month, sometimes even twice a month, top industry leaders and top talent have shared some of the best practices known in Radio.  Sharing insights in Sales, Programming, Social Media, Technology, Promotions, current FCC guidelines, Syndication, and so much more.  We are so proud to have started this with the members.  These IBA member only presentations are well worth the small investment to be an IBA member. Nothing is better than helping when we all need more help than ever.

Mike McVay

Tracy Johnson

Jim Richards

Mark Margulies

Chad & Meg

Joey & Lauren


Lori Lewis

Jason Bailey

Gregg Skall

Paul Cramer

Paul Agassi

Chuck Mefford

Mark Levy

Michael Doyle

Julie Silverman

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We have made many inroads, but nothing like this. Members can get a Radio centric website, top trending content, Alexa Skill, and Display Ad Engine for as little as $59/Mo. Yeah, $59/Mo., that’s crazy! And they have spared no expense. These sites are top tier. Designed with not only the webmaster in mind, but the air talent, yeah, the air talent. And your webmaster can now be your content master. Focusing on what should be on the website, not how to manage a website. This stuff is so easy, anyone can update these sites.

Stations are always looking for ways to generate more revenue, and the IBA national cash contests have given markets of all sizes just that. We did it once, and we’re doing it again, but this time we’re giving away $2,000 a day, Monday thru Friday.

The IBA has identified and secured the industry’s leading partners in programming, sales, equipment, technology, marketing and more – and leveraged each IBA preferred vendor to offer their goods and services at a minimum of 20% discount from their normal fees. Yes, membership has its privileges.

At a time when revenue was most needed through Nectar, the IBA partnered with one of the leading networks to create ad campaigns within the membership.

Working with Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC, IBA members can go directly to our preferred legal partner for immediate advice and support. Gregg Skall of TLP is one of the most respected FCC legal minds in the industry, and a calm and learned voice in times of need.

Like finding a trustworthy dependable dentist or Dr. IBA’s Virtual Engineering empowers all the IBA station engineers to work side by side as resources to IBA members, allowing a shared community of the brightest technical minds that are on standby for IBA members.

Radio stations are always looking for ‘leave behinds’, prizing, and or merchandising that carries the station brand to the streets. Radio Swag was chosen and an IBA preferred vendor for just that purpose.

The Independent Broadcasters Association or IBA is about listening to all its members and executing a roadmap designed by you. Recently a poll was put into the field of prospective members and the following reflects what the organization will focus on moving forward.

If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey and be heard, you can take it right here.

Future ideas below are Featured Articles Sales Week Post Covid 2022 Week Programming Week Syndication Week eBusiness Radio Works Jobs Board Membership Community Tools Station Resource Center


Featured Articles

Now IBA members can visit the members only website to read relevant and compelling articles from our preferred vendors. Each week our IBA partners will contribute their thoughts, podcasts, and research results from programming, sales, social media, technology and more.

Sales Week

We’ve gathered the brightest minds from the sales arena and will present a week-long ‘virtual’ sales conclave for IBA members through recorded sales sessions designed to immediately impact the habits of your sales team. These videos will be impactful and down to earth, offering the blocking and tackling that would make any AE more effective on the street.

Post Covid 2022 Week

Designed to leverage the IBA partners from the programming, marketing, sales, employee recruiting and social media space, we’ve set aside a weeklong informational video campaign that focuses on the effects of the COVID-19 virus on our industry. IBA members will be better prepared for the coming year after this powerful week.

Programming Week

Similar to the IBA Sales Week, we’re setting aside one week for your programming and marketing teams to consume videos created by the leaders in the industry. This week is designed to mirror the sessions conducted by the very ‘big names’ you might find at a radio convention in Vegas, leveraging our preferred partners in programming, marketing, social media and more. You won’t need to be spending time wandering the halls looking for room #300, rather, all you’ll need to do is watch and learn from the best.

Syndication Week

The IBA is the home of some of the most talented on air personalities in the industry - and we’ve set aside a week to showcase the programs that are available for IBA members on a secure on a syndication basis.

eBusiness ‘Advertise With Us’

IBA stations will now have a digital sales partner clickable from the station website, providing potential advertisers with the latest consumer research and trends , along with station marketing information which may include rates, campaign suggestions and more.

Radio Works

Designed to build the strongest IBA station community, here members will find historic ‘radio works’ commercials, shared case studies, and next steps to growing ratings and revenue.

Consumer Research Releases

The IBA will create and place in the field perceptual and consumer research studies that will be designed to identify trends, opportunities, and consumer characteristics, providing critical data for IBA teams to best position it’s advertising and programming position in the marketplace.

Sales Resource Center

Now IBA members will have a ‘1 stop’ location of materials designed to support the local sales team. Materials will include example Sales Presentations, case studies, audio and digital examples, with 1-sheets that can be shared.

IBA members will be able to share the ROI campaigns that monetize station mobile apps.

In addition, members will be allowed to post and share wining Sales Promotion Ideas that members can take out on the street and sell.

Jobs Board

The jobs board will be an IBA community based page of available jobs within the IBA members, those that need to be filled, and which IBA members are available for contract opportunities.

Membership Community Tools

Much like a social media, this ‘members only’ section of the IBA member site will allow a platform for members to offer ideas, opinions, and suggestions in programming sales and marketing.


Revenue Generation: Reward without Risk

Lakeland, Florida, December 11, 2020: Stonick Recruitment, Inc. announced a new partnership with the Independent Broadcasters Associations to help members take advantage of