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The Independent Broadcasters Association or IBA is about listening to all its members and executing a roadmap designed by you. Recently a poll was put into the field of prospective members and the following reflects what the organization will focus on moving forward.

If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey and be heard, you can take it right here.

Join IBA and a national rep firm that knows who you are and why you should be on the buy.

The IBA will work hard to make sure you have representation on national buys regardless of market size or geographic location.

A centralized Digital Network Platform where IBA members can share success stories, objection handling techniques, programmatic digital advertising, along with a true community of like minded people. Let’s compete on a national level against competitors outside the Radio Industry, and increase revenue and ratings together. A rising tide lifts all boats.
Tap into The Best Talent from Across America! Sharing is caring – have access into the IBA members talent pool for your production, imaging and commercial needs. You’ll be asked to share your talents as well with other members, proving, as a collection of independent broadcasters, we can do anything.
Using the power of size, the IBA will help drive down the costs of your most needed products and services.
Engage with your peers to help solve objections or problems for Engineering, HR, Accounting, Traffic, Programming, Sales, and More.
IBA membership has its advantages. Provide your staff with health care from a provider who fought to be your medical partner.
Leverage the power of the IBA to bring top tier talent into your local market. Adding power to both your Programming & Sales teams.
Your national news is now your national good news! When your jocks backtime to the top of the hour news, you’ll know you’re getting the best source of information and didn’t get mugged on price.
Don’t just wait for the Annual IBA Conference, join the Monthly Educational Webinars right away. Hear from the top consultants, research experts, thought leaders, and influencers in programming, sales and marketing with monthly webinars.
IBA Branded traffic system currently utilizing best practices in the largest of markets for half the cost.
It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Get to know members who are looking for talent on the IBA Job board. Interested? Apply within.
Your ½ Off items can tap into one of the most effective revenue generating platforms for local, centralized into one shared platform, empowering your advertisers at the national level.
Let’s face it, none of us have ever met caller 9 – but that doesn’t mean we can’t sound big on air. IBA National Contesting allows you to giveaway HUGE cash prizes for pennies.