Spot Intake System Notification

AdLarge, our barter and unwired network partner needs to know which system our member stations will be using to recieve sports.  Please fill out the form below indicating the system you’ll be using.


IBA spots will be available via MediaShooterPro or AIM.  If you use AIM and would like to automate delivery of your IBA spots, the spots will be delivered via AIM and you will need to call Mr. Master with cart #’s to have a job set-up or your station will not receive audio. If not an AIM user, your IBA spots will be delivered via MediaShooterPro. Please ccontact or call 818-879-8349 with any questions or for assistance.


Special IBA Setup and support line:   800-347-0141


Questions regarding the Barter or Unwired Network:  contact AdLarge directly 212-302-1100

If you have any questions regarding the spot distribution process or traffic, please contact your selected provider: