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Joey & Lauren

First they were high school best friends, and now married with kids, Joey and Lauren are a chemistry filled duo guaranteed to entertain you and make you laugh every moment you spend with them. Joey brings charisma with his wild ideas and over-reactions (like his bathroom rating app idea and formal sweatpants) while trying his best to sound  like he knows what he’s doing. Lauren is the voice of reason who is willing to talk to everyone and anyone she meets, will put a restaurant meal in a dish and call it her own, and is not afraid to throw herself in awkward situations.

From their famous segments like; Make Up or Break Up, Phone Jenks, and That Awkward Moment, to trying the latest challenges or trends, Joey & Lauren are your familiar friends that feel like family and keep you coming back for more. For all the content you crave, you can listen to Joey & Lauren anywhere you download your podcasts, and keep up with them on all social media platforms.

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