FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “Why join the IBA?”:

The number one question we receive is “how will my stations benefit”. Below you will find the top items we are working on for independent broadcasters. Our mission is simple. Find every way possible to help independents gain more revenue and exploring every avenue to save on operating costs. Are there conflicts if you are already doing business with other networks? No. There are no conflicts. You can work with multiple networks with no conflict.

You asked, IBA delivered! We have announced that every IBA member can now start enjoying the benefits of our own IBA Radio Sales Rep Firm, for national spot sales. This is in partnership with GenMedia. There is no cost for a current GenMedia client to move over to the newly created dedicated rep firm. Contact Kevin to move over today! If you are not currently represented by GenMedia, contact Keven Garrity (kevin.garrity@mcgavrenguild.com or 212-400-7430, ext 200) at GenMedia to learn how you can. We encourage everyone to consider this opportunity, as the more independent inventory represented by an independent company, the stronger results you can expect for your stations.

We have already announced our partnership with AdLarge Media to represent and sell IBA as a network on an opt-in basis. This agreement will enable you to participate in network revenue heretofore off limits to independents. Currently we are clearing many of the advertisers using networks – only we see no money from it. Premiere, WWI and other networks have access to your inventory through barter agreements and enjoy the cash benefits of your inventory. We all get frustrated hearing spots on our air that we never have a chance to sell for cash, oftentimes clients that were once spot clients. This network will rebalance that. Further, as we implement the platform for shared services (independent syndication between members), you may find many options for programming from other independents to replace the products offered by mega broadcast companies. This not only helps you with your inventory, it reduces the advantage large companies have combining your inventory with their own. More on shared services in a bit.

The digital platform we envision will take the longest period to deliver to you. Why? Because nothing currently exists like what we envision. Our goal is a single platform that will allow digital sellers to present all independents as one – one-stop shopping so to speak. Imagine being able to offer national brands the chance to be on every independent station web site, stream, Alexa stream and even geo located targeted ads in all the towns and cities independents serve, with ONE order! This will allow us to compete for the serious digital dollars that flow freely to the digital companies like Google, Yahoo and others…currently $185 billion annually.

Shared services will encompass many things. The largest is programming syndication and shared talent for production. Independents have a lot a great programming and a lot of great talent. Why not use a morning show from another independent instead of a large syndication company that will take your cash and your inventory? If you could have a great show for just a fraction of the cost and no inventory why would you choose anything else? Sharing production and tracking across independents will also provide all of us with more options for more voices at far less cost. Not to mention working with other independents will keep you stations more live and local than any other option.

We are currently engaged in talks with many vendors that will be offering their services to IBA members at substantial discounts. You may not use all of them, but those that you do, will cost you less.

Our ‘Ask a Member Helpline’ will be an amazing tool for all. Every department in a radio station will be represented. When you need help, one email will reach all of those participating in the help line for that category. Even better, it remains private with responses coming direct to you not posted on a site for everyone to view.

We are currently working on a plan that we hope will provide all members and their employees the ability to participate in a group insurance plan that will offer better benefits and be less expensive.  We have some walls to get over to make this happen due to regulations that have not yet been rolled back…but we are making progress!

Syndication is covered above in shared services. The only thing to add is we believe the best independent shows out there will finally have a chance to be heard in multiple markets on many independent stations.

News Service is not something every station needs, but those that do pay dearly for it, either in cash or barter. Imagine a shared service where every station can upload local/regional proprietary stories along with photos any broadcaster can use for free! With 7,000 independents and many contributing, we can develop a substantial and robust national news service of our own with unlimited FREE use.

Monthly webinars/seminars will be an added plus for IBA members at ZERO cost. These will range from sales, programming and technical to accounting, and human resources.

We are currently testing a new fully integrated Traffic System that is extremely impressive. It will be complete with CRM, Yield Management and Production Management. We expect to release this to the members in December. You will find it extremely robust and very comparable to any major system out there. Best of all, priced far below the others. Just as an example, a five market group estimates a savings of $50,000 annually once converted!

An interactive Jobs Board system that allows for both employers to post jobs and potential employees to post resumes for employer search options.

IBA plans to host a National Clearing House site where unsold inventory from your half off programs can be consolidated to help stations reach a national audience. Your items would redirect the buyer to your website to complete the transactions.

Hearing a national promotion in your market on the big guys, can be frustrating to say the least. You may be giving away a car lease, but they are giving away $100,000. Yes, theirs is National, but it sounds local and who does not like winning cash? Our idea is to offer an opportunity for member stations to participate in our own national contest. Imagine how great it would sound on your station to be part of a cash contest where not one $100,000 cash prize was being given away, but several? That is possible based on participation levels. 3,000 stations participating would generate $300,000 at $100 each. Small price for a giant promotion! That equates to $1,000 a day 5 times plus a weekly grand prize of $5,000, for ten straight weeks! Even more, imagine receiving the email and mobile number database from this and generating a great response for your market! A small fee per station will be required to cover the cost of executing the promotion.


Coming in 2022: Our first IBA Annual Conference! We intend to produce an independent broadcaster friendly annual event beginning in 2022. Much more to come on this, but believe this, you will not go home empty handed. You will leave with tools you can use and several days of events designed to help you make your operation stronger and more profitable!


What is the membership investment?  We have two options:

  • Option 1: $100 per radio station brand and 1 :60 unit per day Monday-Friday per station is our blended option. When can I expect the inventory to be used? Beginning Jan 1, 2021. Using this option, you can sign up for membership at iba.vipologyservices.com
  • Option 2: $600 per station per year…no barter. If you choose this option, request a csv file for the membership from ronstone@iba.media Return this file completed via email and mail your check to: IBA, 16221 Harvard Lane, Lakeville, MN 55044

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